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Orange and Grapes for Diabetes and Other Diseases

Fruits are a healthy addition to everyone’s diet. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, along with other nutrients that our body needs.

Oranges and grapes are two of the favorite fruits around the world. They can help you achieve the recommended servings of fruits and veggies every day, which is at least five. Both can give you a ton of health benefits, aside from their enjoyable taste.

But a recent study has tested the health benefits provided by the substances that are found in oranges as well as in grapes (the red variety).

Hesperetin (HESP) and trans-resveratrol (tRES) respectively have been found to have increased benefits to our health, particularly in fighting certain diseases.

The Fruit Combo

According to the study, eating the two fruits can result to the following:

  • Decreased blood sugar levels
  • Improved insulin action, production, and use
  • Better artery health

The researchers from the University of Warwick claim that they have discovered a pill that contains both HESP and tRES, which can improve the health of people with diabetes and heart disease. As you can see from the listed benefits above, the fruit combo could indeed lead to a diabetes-free life and a healthy heart.

The author of the research, Professor Paul Thornalley, recognizes the finding as something that could provide a great impact on the way the two diseases are being treated these days. Aside from heart disease and diabetes, the fruit combination may even prevent obesity.

How Grapes and Oranges Do It

HESP and tRES have the ability to increase the amount of a specific protein in the body. This protein is known as glyoxalase 1 or Glo1, which can neutralize methylglyoxal (MG), a compound derived from sugar that can destroy your health. If you have plenty of MG in the body, along with a diet that provides high energy, this can lead to insulin resistance and therefore diabetes (type 2). Aside from this, increased amounts of the compound can damage your blood vessels while impairing the body’s use for cholesterol. This becomes even more harmful as it can affect our cardiovascular system.

Since grapes and oranges can help MG, this could mean improved health, especially if you’re overweight or obese. Plus, this fruit combination is good for people with diabetes and those who could develop heart diseases. But the author of the study still wants to emphasize on the importance of a healthy diet, physical activity, and other factors in your lifestyle that can increase the efficiency of the fruit combination.