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14 Fake Olive Oil Companies Have Been Revealed Now – Try and Avoid Them By all Means

The production of olive oils has been put under the radar recently after it was revealed that 7 olive oil companies in America mix their products with cheap oils in order to gain more profit. In other words, the products we consider as one of the healthiest and even a remedy for long life are corrupted.

It seems that 70 % of the olive oils sold in America are fake and mixed with cheaper inferior oils such as canola and sunflower oil.  The same issue has been a subject of matter in Italy back in 2008 and resulted in shutting down 85 olive oil farms.  They were forced to shut them down because of their sneaky methods of mixing chlorophyll with canola and sunflower oil in their attempt to sell the olive oil.

Australia was another country that was alarmed regarding this problem and surprisingly none of their companies scored the 2012 certificate of approval. This was mainly due to the change in color taste and in thickness.

Apart from this, the University of California conducted a study involving 124 imported brand names in which more than 70% of those products didn’t  pass the test.

This is the list of the brands that failed the test:

Antica Badia





Filippo Berio


Safeway Star





Whole Foods

The following brands are trustworthy:

Bariani Olive Oil

California Olive Ranch

Corto Olive

Cobram Estate



McEvoy Ranch Organic

Olea Estates Ottavio


Kirkland Organic

How to test your olive oil

The good news is that you can test your olive oil at home. This is what you need to do. Leave the olive oil in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and if it solidifies it means that it contains a large amount of monounsaturated fat. If this doesn’t happen that means that the olive oil is fake. Also look for any governmental seals of approval on the label such as California Olive Oil Council Certified Extra Virgin.” And “Australian Extra Virgin Certified.